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The Book of Shadows

The Lasombra "Anti-Tribu" Page
Guest Book

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If you just want to read the guest book, then just read it. It will take a few days for your entries to reach here, as I have to type everything in manually.
Alexander Horne

There will be time when I will comment on entries to this page. These will be only those entries where I feel the person either needs to be set aright about some thing, or needs to be enlightnened on some aspect that, over time, he/she might have forgotten. Of course, I will also comment on entries that I feel my position on that person's viewpoint must be given. Of course, I will also give "pep talks" to any (IMO)depressed Lasombra Anti-Tribu that come here.

9 July 1996-Joshua Henri Bouton, A Sabbat Lasombra of undisclosed Generation--The page is indeed worthy of a Lasombra. Although we have basic philisophical disagreements, I look forward to the day when the Lasombra will be able to stand together over the remnants of the other Clans.

Sir Horne's Retort:

MISTER Bouton, us TRUE Lasombra who kept our loyalty to Montano, and thus Lasombra, are not out to destroy the other clans. Although our purpose is to rule, as it has been since the time of the Second City, we should not rule our inferiors by breaking their bodies or their spirit. A true ruler is not a Vlad Tepes or a Macbeth, as you seem to think. A true ruler is an Elizabeth I or a King Arthur. One does not rule by destroying his subjects or his advisors. One rules by insuring the well being of those he rules and by heeding the words of his advisors. Never forget that because the other clans are inferior to us is the very reason they must be ruled wisely. After all, are we not our Brother's Keepers? Our brothers are not the Lasombra, but all Kindred. For a time, I was like you, eager to protect the interests of myself and Clan Lasombra. Then the Camarilla was formed, and I realized that, although the upstart Clan Tremere was behind the organization, the Camarilla was(and still is) the best way to insure the survival of all Kindred. I will never stop hoping for the eventual reconciliation between the Sabbat and the Camarilla, but I must be realistic. So, until both sects are united, I shall, now and forever, throw my lot in with the Camarilla.

10 July 1996, Morgan Demetrius i'Tzimisce, a 5th generation Tzimisce of the Old Clan--You know, those shadows you employ are remarkably pushy. Also persistent. An excellent page, I am impressed, and glad to see the *other* Lasombra skulking about the Web.
10 July 1996, Gina Rossalini, an 11th generation True Lasombra,or Lasombra "Anti-Tribu"--I appreciate having a site devoted to us few antitribu Lasombra, though I prefer to title myself Giovanni, after those who saved me from many years enslaved to the Sabbat. This page look pretty attractive, my friend.

Sir Horne replies:

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when fellow True Lasombra use title themselves after other clans, especially the Giovanni. Lady Rossalini, you indicate that you were either at one time a member of the Sabbat, or were being forced into the Sabbat. I do not care which it was, but what worries me was that you NEEDED the Giovanni to help you escape the Sabbat. Though it is true that I spent about 470 years under the Eiger in Switzerland(yes,I did say UNDER), I have never been in league with the Sabbat or even tempted by them. In 1493, when the Sabbat movement began, I was one of the major players in the debate. If you will look at my response to Sir Bouton, then you will understand the true nature of myself, and, I hope, the clan as a whole. I sympathize with you, M'lady, but I do not remember you from the Battle, which I fought at. I still bear the scars from those damned chains Gratiano put around my wrists, as do I still hold the vision of Lasombra that allowed me to break those chains and, temporarily, transcend the limits of my generation and knowledge, and escape to Switzerland. You know nothing of what the Sabbat can do, as you never saw the the Victory Corps, my brothers at arms, lying in the throws of the Final Death, or with stakes through their noble hearts. Cast aside you false clan name and take up the proud banner of True Lasombra, for even though you do not know what we truly stand for, you will when you make your trip to Africa. Take my advice, go see Montano, he will help you get back the pride and nobility you have lost by taking up the name Giovanni instead of Lasombra.
11 July 1996,Jean-Paul Belmond, a Kine who knows too much--Sire Horne, I'm glad I was told of your page. I found some useful information, and some information I may find useful at a later time. Since I'm just starting to learn everything a "vampire" needs to know, I'm rather afraid I couldn't make heads or tails of most of your page, especially the hitory. But, as a film maker, I would like to know more about that great battle wrote of, when it "happened", where and wht. You need to know that not only the Lasombra will see this page. And by the way, you folks suffer from the worst case of megalomania I've ever seen! I wish you were nicer, more like the Tremere.

Sir Horne Responds

Mr. Belmond, I hope you are being prepared for the Embrace, as you do seem to be fairly intelligent. As to your curiosity over the Battle, I am planning on creating a history page at a later date, but I do not, at present, have the resources to make sure it is accurate. Now, we Lasombra do NOT suffer from megalomania, as we ARE the ONE clan that is best suited to rule. Not a single one of the older Lasombra is of peasant stock. I am a Baronet, although the title does not really have any importance to day. I have met Lasombra who were Kings and Emperors during their day, as well as Dukes, Lords, Ladys, King's Thanes, etc. The modern Lasombra, with this noble ancestry, are, of course, well versed in affairs of state, such that the Clan is the one organization that SHOULD be in charge of everything. Finally, watch out for the Tremere, they might be using you. I know the Tremere would never use me because I could knock their heads off without too much trouble.However, you, a poor mortal who knows too much, well, let us just say that YOU are an expendable asset.
16 July 1996,Cristobal Machiavelli, an 8th Generation Sabbat Lasombra--- Alexander, you are truly one of the most pointless of the antitribu. An antitribu who stands like a Lasombra, I will almost respect, before I run them through. You however serve the infidels and therefore the antideluvians and deserve none of my respect. But do have a pleasant evening regardless.

Sir Horne responds

You better be able to back up that threat, Machiavelli. Don't you EVER think that a lowly EIGTH GENERATION could stand a chance against me. I have taken out ENTIRE PACKS SINGLE HANDED, without even getting a scratch. And these where the Packs of CARDINALS....Just TRY and back up your claim that you COULD run me through....You'd be dead before you even draw your sword.
16 July 1996,Lucifer Zahn, A Lupine Glass Walker--- Pretty kewl page, for a bunch of filty Wyrm tainted leaches

Sir Horne comments

High praise coming from a Lupine. However, its spelled "leeches", not "leaches." And,please, will those of you who post PLEASE leave LONGER messages, as I type these in manually, and, unless the message is something good, I will NOT post short messages. Any message to be posted should, using this length format, take up at LEAST THREE lines. Also everything you type will be posted EXACTLY as you wrote it(so try to keep spelling and grammar errors to a minumum, and use profanity sparingly). This isn't censorship, this is just me saying that any posts that are too short, or contain(in my opinion) extreme amounts of profanity will not be posted, unless you give me a well thought out message that makes the lenghth and/or profanity justified.(This is in the original post, not a follow up.)
19 July 1996, Anarky Xx, a 7th Generation Anarch--- The Anrach site will become reality on July 30th. Check it out then, Now it is the Old Clan Tzimisce page of which I am a member of that clan. But my sentiments have changed. The revolution is growing, buy the ticket take the ride.
19 July 1996, Don Rogliardi, 7th Generation Lasombra Antitribu--- I am glad that I have come across others, of our clan in the Camarilla. It's hard work trying to be a child of Malkav.

Sir Horne responds

Ok, let me repeat myself here..WE ARE LASOMBRA!!!! We do NOT pretend to be that which we are not. If you MUST pretend(for survival purposes only) to be from another clan, ONLY the VENTRUE are similar enough to us in attitude for us to successfully pull of the deception. If you are pretending to be Malkavian, then you should take a good long look at yourself, and then take a sun bath, for you are NOT worthy of the name Lasombra....
25 July 1996, Blackwing, an 11th Generation Lasombra Anti-Tribu--- Greets~ i'm glad 'xander, that you have made a place where we might find pride in our blood and security in our family. a life of fear and flight is a waste of an eternity. well met~ and hell to the hunters, ^^B^^
29 July 1996, Dermot O'Brian, 6th Generation Toreador--- You are the only one of you kind worthy enough to be allowed to live. Since you have joined with us, obviously not all Lasombra can be that bad. We of the Camarilla welcome you as our allies.

Sir Horne replies

Why, thank you Mr. O'Brian. I am glad that you believe that the Lasombra Justicar is worthy of being allowed to live. I'll remember this if you ever need a Prince's edict over turned. Also, I am glad to see the number of anti-tribu who have found this site. I hope this site will continue to grow as it has.
5 August 1996, Benjamin Ebonbane, a Wraith--- Lasombra have always interested, told by a Giovanni to avoid them like th' plague, i of course sought them out instantly, at first i thought they were Ventrue without a reflection ande pawns of th' Tzimisce, then my attention was drawn to an antitribu, slowly manipulating his way through the brisbane tremere. th' only other i could remember having achieved this was a malkavian who was later put to th' torch, i watched for a while but had to turn turn away when i saw th' chatry leader read his tell tale aura. i must say i felt regret for th' poor fool who had quite obviously underestimated th' shockinly harsh tremere. i left to sydney that, avoiding that accursed Giovanni for ever i had thought. drawn bakk in later years by rumour that he had been killed by a kindred called Haclav, th' lasombra that i had followed! not only that though his name was followed by the title;"head of th' brisbane chantry"! i had to see it, so i traveled bakk, sure enough there upon th' tremeres precious metaphorical throne was Haclav, i came to him that night i promised him alliance for th' mere ability to observe his rule ande for him to hunt down th' Giovanni. of course i try to keep hold of that little tidbit of his actual clan.

Sir Horne Responds

Uh...Benjamin, Tremere do come to this site....I hope Haclav isn't a friend of yours, as he is most likely going to die soon...I say this because you just revealed Haclav's clan to EVERY kindred that comes through here... This would have been mor appropriate to the politics page, where anonymity is enforced(unless you changed the names in this story, to protect the guilty). But I do agree with how you responded to the Giovanni:"Avoid the Lasombra Like the plague!!" "OK, HEY where can I find some Lasombra?!"
7 August 1996,Nathaniel Blaze, 8th generation Lasombra Anti-tribu--- It's quite a pleasant surprise to see that we're finally getting the recognition that we deserve. The Camarilla has my admiration for such a noble act. Now we can finally emerge from the shadows...
7 August 1996, Jocasta DeLaurent, a Sabbat Lasombra--- So the weak have decided to show themselves at last. And in the Camarilla, no less! It figures... if any of you had enough sense, you would have stayed hidden under the rock you crawled out of. As it is, the Lasombra of the Sabbat now know where we can find you. and not even the Inner Council can save you...
13 August 1996, Donaires Lopez, 7th Generation Lasombra antitribu--- Sir HorneI was a baron of a small barony in Spain in the years of 1200-1428 (mortal puppets are great) I have defended the kine from insolent upstarts such as the Sabbat for centuries These vampires don't know what it means to be kindred all they want is to control or kill the kine. The kine should be guided to greater ends and protected. I make a point of not protecting the poor souls who bring violence to the kine or my fellow kindred though. Most vampires seem not to understand and to underestimate are fellow supernatural cousins. I also like to understand the other clans histories and ledgends because knowing your fellows makes guiding them easier. I say guiding because as you pointed out a true ruler does not rule by force alone. Oh and while the Tremere may be upstarts they actually can make good friends individually.
14 August 1996, Anson, a 12th generation Anarch Brujah--- No one group can be perfect. You propose that having the blood of those who never had it hard makes you perfect!? Your ex-clan mates have proven your point wrong! Like a spring, your underlings will rise-up with the force to topple even the mightiest foe! Keep your vile shadows and power games to your-selves! I hope your utter defeat allows you to feel a taiste of the pain you've cuased! We will not allow you games to continue, as they did in Carthage! Those who don't change become are doomed!

Sir Horne retorts

Anson, you have no idea what you are talking about! First, as a Baronet I had the training of a knight, which was not easy. Second, ALL of the older Lasombra are from Nobility. This doesn't make us perfect, and some of us really didn't have a hard life as mortals. HOWEVER, we are the best clan for rulers, as all of us have any state craft knowledge we knew as mortals, and any knowledge our sires passed on to us. Third, it was the VENTRUE not the Lasombra who razed Carthage. NO LASOMBRA in his right mind would have destroyed a city ruled by the two most powerful WARRIOR clans(Brujah and Toreador). If you don't believe the Toreador are a warrior clan, watch one who knows how to use his disciplines fight, and you'll see an undefeated warrior in action. Finally, the attack on Carthage was totally unnecessary, as Carthage had already lost the capacity to fight back. The Thid Punic War was an act of spite by the COWARDLY Ventrue. Only the Ventrue would attack an opponent when he's down, which is not only what they did in Carthage, but also what they did to a Gangrel friend of mine. For a Brujah, you believed the lies the Ventrue told you very well.

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