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The Lasombra "Anti-Tribu" Page

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This page was last modified at 03:40 EST on 24 November, 1996

I, Sir Alexander Horne, elder of the Lasombra "Anti-tribu" and the very first Lasombra "Anti-Tribu" Justicar, do hereby establish this site for all Kindred of Clan Lasombra who have chosen, as I did, not to ally themselves with the followers of Gratiano.
Enjoy.....And stay out of the Shadows...

This Page Is Under Construction, Please Check Back here in a Few Days and I should have more here.

{OOC Sorry I haven't posted any of your submissions, but college has been
a pain of the past few months...and I also lost a good deal of your
submissions...basicly, anything from August 22 to October 23 was lost.
Sorry for that..but Lose95 corrupted my mail files when I installed it..}

The Book of Shadows

If you follow Gratiano, here's some Information
Check up on Gratiano's followers at the Sabbat Lasombra Page
Observe the Tremere at work at the Tremere Virtual Chantry
Find out what's affecting you at my News Page
Engage in a virtual debate at my Debate Page
Plot and Scheme (anonymously) at my Politics Page
Look at the searchers where I'm found at my Searchers Page
Visit other Kindred at the Vampire WWW Server
Remember, the Shadows are our friends:)
Or maybe you would like some creative uses for Obtenebration?

Make your mark in the Book of Shadows(GuestBook) by filling out this form:

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You are Kindred numberto enter these Shadows.....


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