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Creative uses for


I have seen, and come up with, many different ways to utilize our
control of the Shadows in ways that are quite...well...unexpected. I feel that
these tricks should be brought forth so that others may reap the benefits of
my ideas...or the ideas of others...I hope you enjoy this little cross section
of surprises that foes of mine have received...Of course, these aren't all
the tricks I've come up with, After all, only a fool gives away all his

How to shut up a Malkavian without killing him:

This is a very easy
trick to do. First, I should emphasize that one only needs to know a shadow
exists in order to utilize it. Second, unless a Kindred or mortal generates
an internal light, then inside of all of them is a great pool of shadows to
draw upon.These two concepts are very important in this trick. Here is what
you do: Summon an Arm of Arimahn, or Arm of the Abyss as it is known today,but
summon it inside the target so that it passes through the voicebox. Now, I
know what you are probably thinking: "If this being used on a vampire, how is
it keeping him from talking?"
Well, this is quite simple: In order for the
sounds we make to be formed into words, air must pass over the vocal chords in
certain ways. By having a tentacle pass through the vocal chords, you are
impeding the flow of air so that no words can be formed, or even sounds.This
is also useful if you have no choice but to kill a mortal, as it would seem
that the mortal had just stopped breathing. Things like that happen all the
(System: Sit-down: After making the test to summon the tentacles, make a
Manipulation+Obtenebration roll to summon them where you wanted. Then make
an Intelligence+medicine roll to guess the right place.
. Larp:Expend a willpower trait and make a static Mental challenge.
If used on a mortal,he is being suffocated due to the lack of air passage
through his vocal chords. On a vampire, however, this temporarily renders her

Grapnel of the Abyss:

I got this idea after watching "Mortal Kombat." I know,what
is a Justicar doing watching such a movie...well, I'll tell you..I like
Science-fiction, Fantasy, and Anime, and occasionally, some one drops a good
idea that should be capitalized on. This is one of them: As our clothes pro-
duce shadows inside them, why not use these shadows as we do the shadows in
a room. I figured out a way to do just that, but make them just a bit more
dangerous. Imagine two Elders, one a Lasombra, the other what ever clan you
choose facing each other in a fight. The Lasombra holds out his hand and a
shadow shoots out at the opponent, piercing his body. The shadow is then used
as a lever to toss the opponent around, or is used the quickly bring the
opponent's into arms reach..and a waiting clothesline...
(System: Sit-Down:Requires Obtenbration 3 and Manipulation 3. Costs 20xp
Make the roll for Obtenebration 3, but each success is an additional 6ft
instead of another tentacle. The tentacle will shoot in a straight line,
using a Dex+(Archery/Firearms/Melee) roll to hit. After the hit, the
target is assumed to be grappled, and takes one aggravated wound + a
number of normal wounds equal to the #of successes scored on the attack roll.
the tentacle has no Dexterity to speak of, so any Dex that it should have is
divided between Strength and Stamina as the player so chooses.
. LARP:Arms of the Abyss and 6 Mental Traits. Cost 6 xp
Burn the blood for the Arms, with each point being an additional 6 feet.
Make a resisted physical challenge as normal, retesting with Melee or firearms.
This does one aggravated wound and one normal wound.)

If you have a new or interesting use of Obtenebration, Please submit with
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