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The Political Page

This page is for the political discussions of the Clan, ranging from the current state of international affairs to the possible implications of events in one city on the Clan's members somewhere else. Of course, long distance scheming against the Ventrue and the Sabbat Lasombra is also welcome. After all, we of the Lasombra were meant to rule, but the Sabbat Lasombra have forgotten how and the Ventrue never even knew the rudiments. Oh, and don't support Clinton this time. He hasn't been following our agenda like the previous Presidents, and Gingritch has just ignored our instructions, so abandon him as well.
Alexander Horne

The Discussion

Come on, submit something to here, or are you a Ventrue?
Of, course you might not have anything to say. If so after looking over the discussion, head back the my Main Page.

Anarchs of L.A. unite!! The corruption of both the Camarilla and Sabbat have invaded Southern CA! Both the iconoclasts and Idealists are morrons! Niether blood nor debate will purge us of the tyranny of others!
First learn to spell, Anarch. Then look at what you just said:"Niether blood nor debate will purge us of the tyranny of others"[sic]. Why are you admitting defeat without even starting your fight? After all, your just admitted you can't win.....
A Lasombra Justicar is indeed an event to celebrate. It's certainly a step in the right direction. Now, if only we could get a Lasombra Prince into power...
I have already met TWO Anti-tribu Princes. The Camarilla may soon even have an Anti-tribu on its inner council(I just hope Sir Horne isn't appointed to the position).
Here is the Submission form. I do insist on anonymity here, so there is no name space. Any use of names, and I will (conveniently) forget to post your comments.

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